For example, if you look around in Internet forums on the subject of contraception, you will notice that there are a lot of questions about the survival time of sperm being discussed. Apparently, behind this is the fear of getting pregnant indirectly. We check common myths for their truthfulness.

How long do sperm survive in the air? In general: outside the body is not the ideal place for sperm. In order for them to survive longer, conditions such as temperature , ambient humidity and pH value have to be right. The lifespan of sperm cells in the vagina is up to five days. Outside the body , however, sperm usually only make it for a few minutes .

Protection by seminal fluid

If sperm get to the air, they are still of semen surrounded, but changed by contact with the air and begins to dry. This quickly reduces the survival time to a few minutes. In individual cases, a few sperm may survive, but it is unlikely that they will still be able to be fertilized.

It looks a little different when the sperm are outside in a whole ejaculate puddle. Then sperm will likely survive a little longer than a few minutes. However, it can be assumed that one does not reach into such a puddle unnoticed or even sit in it.

If you put the sperm in a sterile container immediately after ejaculating, for example a cup with a screw cap, sperm can survive for a few hours because they do not dry out as quickly there.

Clothes, bed linen, towels & Co.

If sperm gets on clothing or other absorbent materials such as bed linen or towels, the sperm die within a few minutes because the seminal fluid dries up quickly. Sperm also dries quickly on the skin, so that sperm can only survive a few minutes here.

Tap water, bath water & Co.

It looks rather bad for sperm in tap or bath water. Although the environment here is fluid and probably similar to body temperature, sperm have no good chances of survival here. Because they absorb water, burst and die after a few seconds.

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