GigaChad is a nickname most commonly associated with Russian Sleek’N’Tears[4] model Ernest Khalimov,[1] indicating that he is the ultimate Chad Thundercock, an internet archetype representing an ultra-masculine, sexually attractive male. Online, the term was popularized within various incel communities.


On October 17th, 2017, a photo of Khalimov was submitted to the /pol/ board[3] on 4chan , which described him as “Gigachad. The perfect human specimen destined to lead us against the reptilians” (shown below).

Ernest Khalimov aka GigaChad first thread on the 4chan /pol thread


That day, a post about Khalimov was submitted to the Lookism Forums,[5] referring to him as “Ultra Chad.” On October 24th, 2017, Ia picture was submitted to Imgur “It appears that The Gigachad is attempting to clone himself” (shown below).

Robert Z'Dar facial hair

On February 17th, 2018, Redditor ForgottenShark uploaded a photograph of Khalimov titled “Gigachad, the destroyer of virgins” to the /r/Bossfight[2] subreddit (shown below, left). On April 27th, Redditor GoldFuzzy uploaded an image macro titled “Full Explanation of GIGACHAD” to /r/braincels[6] (shown below, right).

SLEEK'N TEARS man black and white bodybuilder standing muscle bodybuilding male monochrome photography body man arm chest GIGACHAD Top 0.000001% of all males Spawned of the Emperor's geneseed Lost his virginity to an 18 year old Stacey when he was 12. Has never known defeat in any of his endeavors. When in his presence, Chadlets naturally look down to avoid eye contacth natural serum and stutter when addressed directly by ra him. Isn't gay, but fucks men when he tosi domihant presence pleases, as all other humans appear feminine in his eyes. Has no fear in his heart and is a born leader of men. -10/10 face struggles to fit through doors due to shoulder width 68 minimum chin you could forge a sword on jaw so square it can be used accurately to measure right has a testosterone level measured in genius level 10 in any room brads and below prostrate themseves instinctively man facial hair gentleman male eyewear

On May 7th, a thread lamenting the existence of Khalimov was submitted to the /int/ (international) board on 4chan (shown below).

■ Anonymous 05/07/18(Mon)05:01:54 No 89220425圄>>289220453 wha...WHAT???? HOW THE FUCK AM I MEANT TO COMPETE WITH THIS???????? text chin muscle